Experience our workshop

Live demonstrations by our talented Artisans will amaze you! Take part in the centuries old pewter craftsmanship experience with Amos Pewter.

Watch as our artisans carefully ladle hot, free flowing molten pewter from the melting pot and capture it in a spinning mold. Molds are formed from a wax sculpture carved in detail to mirror the original hand drawn design. Once removed from the mold, each piece is carefully hand finished in a process that ensures excellence in craftsmanship.

Speak with our talented artisans about the careful design process that goes into each of our pieces. Be wowed by a live demonstration as our artisans show you how molten pewter solidifies and take shape before your eyes! This free experience in open to the public and is available during all regular open hours.


Live Workshop Demonstration


Hands-on Experience

Roll up your sleeves and take part in the craftsmanship at Amos Pewter with our Hands- on Sand Dollar experience.

After witnessing and learning about the delicacy of designing and creating a pewter piece, join the process and complete the final, crucial details! With guidance from our artisans, remove any rough edges and polish your own pewter sand dollar until it shines! Learn the precise details of inscription to personalize your sand dollar.

Hands-on tours are available to the public during all open hours at all of our location. (not available at the Halifax Cruise Pavilion) Tours do not need to be booked ahead, however if you are planning to bring a large group (8+), let us know ahead of time to prepare for your arrival! Our hands-on experience is unique and popular activity loved by all ages!

Hands-On Sand Dollar kits: $8+ tax

$8 Hands-On Kits

Children, Adults, indviduals & groups

Drop-in or book ahead

Pewter Museum

Take a step back in time and learn how pewter has been used for centuries around the world, from cod fishing jigs to vases on the Titanic.

Located in a renovated 19th century boat building shop, our Mahone Bay storefront and workshop contains a collection of antique and historic pewter collectibles and pieces of interest. A walk through our museum will teach you about the origins of pewter and how it has been used locally and globally over the past few centuries.

Historically used to make household dishes, utensils, bowls and tankards, pewter is now mainly used for decorative purposes. The artisans at Amos Pewter continue to use traditional methods of pewter crafting to create modern and innovative designs today. Explore our museum to see how pewter has evolved over the ages to where it is today!

What our customers are saying

31 Dec 2023

Fantastic shop with so many products and treasures! Great customer service on a quiet Saturday. Well certainly return.

Jack Lee
05 Dec 2023

Very nice ornaments, the staff was suuper friendly and even did a demonstration of how the ornaments are done for me and my family!

Airam PG
05 Dec 2023

We have been ordering Christmas decorations from Amos Pewter for over 30 years.

John Lilley
05 Dec 2023

Annual visit to pick up the 2023 Christmas ornament - the Fox

Paul Dowie
22 Sep 2023

Really great work in pewter. Look up Whimsical Angel. Get one.

Emilio Iacobelli
30 Aug 2023

Always a place to stop.

Karen Vanderwell
18 Aug 2023

Spent the better part of an hour here. We did the little tour/info session and stayed to do the sand dollar kits. A reminder of the lovely Mahone Bay. A very pretty shop with super nice staff

Tracey Stott
11 Aug 2023

I love the jewelry and think they are reasonably priced. Got a pair of cat earrings for a friend but would get other gifts in the future when I visit

Lisa S
10 Aug 2023

Interesting artisans create pewter jewelry which sells at reasonable prices.

Murray Phillips
09 Aug 2023

I discovered Amos Pewter through a friend who lives in Nova Scotia. And this summer I was able to visit the Halifax Harbour & Peggy’s Cove location. Staff were so kind and welcoming at both location. Your products are beautiful and have help commemorate our family vacation!

Kristi Perley-Robertson
30 Jul 2023

Beautiful pieces. My wife had to go to see what they had this visit.

Robert Fraser
21 Jul 2023

Fun watching the process of pewter. Wonderful items sold here.

Pamela Schmehl
14 Jun 2023

I love this store and my family does as well! Im getting lots of wedding and Christmas gifts that I know are made with love in the province ❤️

Cailin McKay
10 May 2023

One of a kind pieces that will catch your eye. I was assisted by a wonderful young woman who made my shopping experience more enjoyable.

Rande D
01 May 2023

Amos Pewter has a selection of absolutely beautiful things. The real struggle was limiting my selection. I ended up with just a few ornaments (exercising a little self-control), but I wanted so many more beautiful things. Watching the demonstration of them working with the pewter was really fun, and my sister-in-law got some custom gifts for her nieces that were really special. A really lovely shopping experience in Mahone Bay.

Alyssa Becker

Watch our Artisans at Work

Explore behind the scenes of our Mahone Bay workshop with this short film showcasing the talents of our artisans in creating a "live cast" pendant.

Getting here

Visit us in Mahone Bay, Halifax, and Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, and Charlottetown, PEI.